The X List

The 100 Most Creative Visionaries In Experiential

Experiences, when thoughtfully executed, have the power to transform. They are emotional. Visceral. Sometimes they connect people to each other — other times, they help people connect with themselves. Extraordinary experiences create awe. And always leave us wanting more, asking ourselves, “What’s next?” 

Meet the wildly creative, culture-shaping visionaries who are transforming the experiential industry right now. These are the minds to collaborate with now, as each brings unforgettable experiences to life, in their own extraordinary way.

Meet the XLIST.

The XLIST is a collection of 100 of the most creative visionaries in experiential. The list was selected by our editorial team of seasoned experiential leaders and a council of 16 renowned peers from across the U.S. and Canada. Each person selected for the XLIST executed at least one North America-based project between 2018-2023, and were evaluated on key factors, including ground-breaking innovation, impact and industry advancement.