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XP Land is the definitive resource chronicling the wide world of experiential. We deliver an insider’s take on all things XP — from concerts, attractions & immersive entertainment to the newest virtual XP technologies, boundary-pushing experiences, buzzy product activations and the creative minds behind them. Check out our full definition of experiential here. XP Land is created for experiential pros and fans everywhere, including creatives and experience-makers, brand leaders, space stewards, hospitality trendsetters, platform aficionados… We could go on — and we do here — but you get it.

The creative and editorial teams behind XP Land come from the industry itself. We are writers and editors, experience-makers and impact-drivers who have choreographed everything from weeklong, citywide festivals to award-show green rooms, CEO summits and more. Plus, we’re collaborating with a stable of contributors whose experiential work you’ve seen at Fast Company, Vanity Fair, Teen Vogue, WIRED, Cannes Lions, YouTube, SXSW, Eight Inc., Adweek, Girlboss, CBS, Union Square Hospitality Group, and many, many, many more. So when we say our take is an insider’s, we mean it.

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Meet Our Team

Samantha Stallard Head of Content

Experiences I’ve helped create:
The HGTV Lodge at CMA Fest, The Daily Show Presents: The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library, Food Network’s VidCon Cupcake Challenge

An experience I’d love to attend:
I have to experience Burning Man at least once in my life. For the community… and the outfits.

Greg Hall Design Director

Experiences I’ve helped create:
Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine: A Virtual Experience, The Gentlemen’s Ball, GQ Live

My earliest XP memory:
The Renaissance Fair. Walking about, eating a turkey leg leaves an impression on an 8-year old mind.

Nick Lawson Site Manager

Experiences I’ve helped create:
Puzzah! Heroes Program, Denver Startup Week Immersive Panel, Stanford Brain Day

What excites me most about XP’s future:
Technology and the metaverse are about to level-up XP big time.

Alexa Carr Contributor

Experiences I’ve helped create:
Fast Company Grill at SXSW, Fast Company Innovation Festival, Teen Vogue Summit, WIRED25, Glamour Women of the Year

An experience I’d love to attend:
I think it’d be pretty epic to walk around Team USA house at the Olympics.

Jillian Estabrook Contributor

Experiences I’ve helped create:
From mud runs to fashion presentations, space conferences and CEO round tables, to thought-leadership events in Davos — it truly has run the gamut.

An experience I’d love to attend:
Paris couture Fashion Week — accepting invites for next year!

Erica Boeke Founder & CEO

Experiences I’ve helped create:
Fast Company Innovation Festival, Teen Vogue Summit, WIRED Store, GQ Men of the Year, GQ Lounge, Gourmet Institute, AD Greenroom at the Oscars, AD Home Design Show, my epic #50AF birthday extravaganza

My earliest XP memory:
Planning my sister’s 8th birthday party — and booking myself as the entertainment!

Caitie Murphy Partner, Head of Strategy

Experiences I’ve helped create:
“Refuge” at Art Basel Miami Beach, AD Greenroom at the Oscars, The WIRED Store, WIRED NextFest

Why XP matters to me:
Connecting with other people — existing friends and colleagues or new ones — and having a new experience in common helps me grow as a person.

Anne Woodard Marketing Director

Experiences I’ve helped create:
AD Design Show, Gourmet’s Lunchbox Auction, GQ Lounge, Gourmet Institute, Avon Running, PMI’s Virtual Experience Series

My XP Side Hustle:
Feeding people! All day every day, using fresh ingredients from my CSA.

Maya Knighton Contributor

An experience I’d love to attend:
Lollapalooza in Paris

What excites me most about XP’s future:
The opportunities to meet new people, travel the world, and make everlasting memories

Jillian Stewart Contributor

My earliest XP memory:
Going to the LA county fair every year as a child.

Why XP matters to me:
For as long as I can remember, I’ve always preferred experiences over possessions.