XP Land XLIST 2023: Meet the Jury

This week, the inaugural XP Land XLIST 2023 Jury is gathering in Montréal at the 12th edition of C2MTL to kick off its nomination process. (Read more about what the XLIST is here.) Throughout the summer, the Jury will nominate, evaluate and select the 10 inaugural XP Land XLIST honorees, based on specific criteria including active experiential projects, innovative breakthrough development and experiential industry elevation. But before we choose our honorees, let’s get to know our Jury members.

Before we all departed for Montréal, XP Land caught up with a few of our XLIST Jury members to ask them, why does experiential matter to you?

Ana De Archuleta, Managing Director at National Sawdust

“By creating immersive experiences that connect with audiences on a deeper level, we can enhance the impact of our performances and build long-lasting relationships with our patrons. Experiential marketing is also crucial in promoting the careers of our artists and fostering a diverse community of performers and audiences. Overall, the experiential industry is an invaluable tool in achieving our mission of introducing audiences to new artists and styles while engaging communities of artists and audiences at our state-of-the-art Williamsburg home.”

Johan Vakidis, Chief Creative Officer at C2

There is nothing more powerful than gatherings and the connections they create on many levels.

Louise Murray, CEO, Lemuria Dreamer LLC

“Experiential connects us more deeply with ourselves, others, and the world around us. In today’s fast-paced and tech-driven society, we can feel disconnected and isolated, but experiential learning, events and sharing can bring us back together. Overall, experiential matters because it helps us to live more fully and create deeper connections with the world around us. For people, by people, using all of what imagination can foster.

Harry Julmice, CEO, Never Was Average

“Experiential raises human vibrations. It’s a divine experience that has the power to heal hearts and repair the imagination and bring us back into a peaceful place. Experiential is the new path to creativity and community building.”

Louisa St. Pierre, Global Director of Art, Digital & Experiential at MA+ Group

“More than ever in our post-pandemic world, humans need a chance to connect in real life. To share, relate, and experience through all their senses, creating memories that last.”

Natalie Novak, Executive, Events & Experiences Lead at United Talent Agency

“Experiential creates a lasting impact on consumers in a way that is challenging to do in other media. Consumers will remember brands they had an experience with — positive or negative. The emotions that occur during an experience are much more likely to be imprinted in the consumer’s memory than information about products or services… You can also create an entertainment experience that transcends traditional media.”

Jordan Fogle, CEO, MINT

Experiential is emotive, visceral, creative and tirelessly continues to propel forward while simultaneously forcing the industry at large to never get comfortable, leaving the consumer wanting more. It’s all the senses wrapped up into a moment in time. The most brilliant XP gives goosebumps, organically amplifies and inspires — it really just gives me all the feels.”

Alexa Carr, Editorial Programmer-at-Large, XP Land

“Experiences > things. An eternal truth. It’s as simple as that!”

Azamit, Founder, Creative Director & Curator, In Toto + Souk

“Experiential matters because it has the power to transform an ordinary moment, event or installation into an unforgettable experience, leaving a lasting impact on attendees. Through soul-freeing experiences, it can nourish the journeying of the mind and enhance the human’s connection to themselves and the world around them.”

Myriam Achard, Chief, New Media Partnerships and PR, PHI

“For me, experimentation is a place at the crossroads of art and technology. A world where we can break the barriers between the real and the virtual. At PHI, we are continually exploring the ways in which technology and experimental practices can lead to new forms of artistic expression and storytelling.”

Winston Fisher, CEO, AREA15

Today more than ever, people are looking for authentic connection, in-depth storytelling, and curated content. Experiential entertainment allows the customer to go from passive spectator to active participant, creating a new kind of customer journey that genuinely resonates with today’s sophisticated consumer and keeps them coming back for more.”

Once we’ve all returned home from C2MTL, our jury members get to work nominating 3-5 people to be considered for the XP Land XLIST. They will submit creatives with a history of groundbreaking work, whether that’s creating a remarkable new experience or innovating in some new technology or breakthrough in the industry.

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