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As holiday gift buying kicks into high gear early this year (early this year, thanks #supplychain) — your favorite experiential experts at XP Land have put together a series of buying guides for industry pros and fans. We’ll be rolling out our curated gift guide suggestions through Black Friday, so stay tuned — be sure to check out our previous Gift Guides here.

Although these last two years have undoubtedly been strange in the wide wide world of sports, they’ve pretty much all have persevered — from the NBA Bubble to high schoolers playing field hockey, all the way through to the 2020 2021 Olympics.

Regardless of whether you’re in the bleachers, at the tailgate, strolling the U.S. Open or standing amid the body-painted screaming students at a Big Ten Football game or ManCity match — you know that sporting events can be as experiential as it gets.

For true sports fans, it’s not just about the action on the field (er pitch). It’s about the rivalry, the competition, the traditions, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. The mascots, marching bands and cheerleaders. The whistles, cheers and chants. Branded merch, anticipation and tailgates. The collective bonding over competitive play. The feeling of being connected.

Oh yeah, and most sports are outside so they’re fairly Covid-friendly. Phew.

This gift guide is curated for the loyal sports fan who celebrates all of the above and beyond. So enjoy these gadgets, gifts and experiences.

For the bleacher bums
Stadium Chair with Ultra Padded Seats for $60.99
Anyone who has ever sat in the bleachers for a game that has gone into double overtime can tell you what it felt like … because their back still hurts! This chair brings bleacher sitting to a whole new level with it’s padded seat cushion and sturdy back. It’s light (weighing only 7.6 pounds!), has a built-in handle and can hold up to 500 pounds (good to know since the holidays are fast approaching). Don’t be fooled by all of the (heavy, uncomfortable) bleacher chairs on the market. Trust us. Your back will thank us.

For the king / queen of the tailgate
The Hatchback Supported Canopy for $99.95
A true tailgater tailgates in the blazing heat, pouring rain, wind and snow. Nothing is stopping the pre-game festivities. But no one wants a soggy chip or sunburn. This canopy attaches to the rear of your car for an instant outdoor shelter (it also helps to claim your space at the tailgating lot!)

For the 24/7 sports fan
The Portable iWalk Charger for $25.99
There’s nothing more battery draining than being in the bleachers of a stadium filled with thousands of fans. And with your phone being tied to your tickets, parking, credit card and camera, you can’t let your phone die on the soccer field. This iPhone battery charger is small, light, easy to charge and REQUIRES NO WIRES (that deserves a good shout out!).

For the at-home football fan
The Ultimate Football Yard Game for $169.99
We like to think of this game as a secret weapon. Whenever you need folding chairs, whether you’re headed to the beach or going on a camping trip (even if you’re just hanging out in your backyard), set these up and it will be impossible not to have a game of football.

For the boxing fan
Classic Boxing Bell for $80
The sound of this brass bell ignites a visceral reaction tied to winning … So put it in your office. Or your kitchen. In the TV room. And let the games begin!

For the marathoner
Marathon Map Hydration Bottles for $36
Marathon spectators are some of the most important sports fans because they play a vital role in the runner’s experience. Congratulate your favorite marathoner with this commemorative bottle that keeps them hydrated while subtly telling the world about their 26.2 mile accomplishment (because we all know that one of the best parts of running a marathon is the bragging rights!)

For the high-rolling Olympics lover
Olympic Official Timekeeper for $5,400
Attending the Olympic Games is a bucket list XPerience. Home to the world’s greatest athletes and the most famous sporting moments in history, being at the Olympics is as immense as it gets in the sporting world. While it would have been nice to book a flight to Beijing to see the 2022 Winter Olympics, due to COVID protocols, only fans from China will be able to attend the Games. Instead, you can honor the Games by gifting your favorite fan (or yourself) an OMEGA watch, the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games … since 1932! Wow! Besides their loyalty (best fan quality), we’re big fans of the different color options that play off the iconic Olympic Rings.

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