Daniel Iregui

Daniel Iregui

The Installation Artist Who Embraces Change

Look to the crossroads of art and technology and you’ll find Daniel Iregui, the Founder and Creative Director of Iregular, a Montréal-based digital art studio that immerses viewers in a mesmerizing world of audiovisual installations, large-scale sculptures, architectural projections and scenographies. Like a personal trainer for the art world, Daniel encourages the public to interact with his projects through face, hand, or full-body movements, which, thanks to a masterful mix of AI, machine learning, math, typography and more, allows said movements to affect and alter the work. Daniel, who has a post-graduate degree in interactive multimedia, has seen his creations travel to 25 countries and take on new life in each location. It’s only the relationship of those interacting with each installation, he believes, that finalizes his art and gives it meaning.

Photo courtesy Iregular


Our Common Home made its debut in Montreal in 2021. Since then, the public art exhibit has traveled to various cities in the US and Dubai, engaging audiences with four different interactive digital-screen installations: Creatures, Products, Icebergs and Telescopes. Open your mouth in front of Products and you’ll spew “litter jets” from between your lips—or wave your arms in Creatures and set flocks of birds or schools of fish in motion. Daniel’s As Water Falls, which has hopped from the UK to the US to the UAE, is making just as big a splash, although not literally. It’s a virtual interactive waterfall that changes in response to visitor’s flashlights. Inspired by the movements of the solar system, Solstice is an audience activated sound and light installation that uses a series of mirrors, frames, and a movable central sun to reflect our power to influence the environment—for worse or for better.

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