Q&A with Dreamtek CEO Victoria Neeson

Victoria Neeson

Experiential creator Victoria Neeson leads Dreamtek, a video and technical production and services company in London, launched in 2001. Victoria has

Years in the biz: 20+
First job in XP: Managing global media and production (including XP) for an international investment bank
Currently working on: Being a CEO at Dreamtek
Where others can find you: LinkedIn

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Why do experiences matter generally? Why do they matter to you?

Even what you consider the most seemingly mundane activities matter and can leave a lasting impression, be it positive or negative. Creating the right experience for my customers is critically important to my business and must be treated very carefully – because every experience matters. We need to be able to engage and impress our customers and we do that by creating amazing experiences.

What is one top trend that you think will define the next year of experiential? 5 years?

There is little doubt that the trend moving forward will be hybrid events and experiential will play a huge part in successful adoption. The experience will need to cater to all audiences in a viewer-friendly way so that the live and virtual audience are on the same level. Consider the amount of planning for the attendee journey you put into a live event experience and apply the same thought and care to your virtual attendees. Event platforms and UX will play a huge role in this over the next year also.

What qualities define the perfect experience?

My favorite quote from Maya Angelou “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. This is so true of any experience, it’s not about how pretty the room looked or how good the food was (although it helps!). It’s about how you felt when you left the room, how what you felt became a great memory and how it impacted you in some meaningful way.

Describe one word that you would use to describe your outlook on your own work these days?


If you could expand your own creative/technical/analytical skills, what one skill would you most want to add and why?

I am pretty new to the wider world of XP and there is so much to learn and engage with. I have set myself a goal this year to become more ‘curious’. I am not going to just say ‘no’ if I don’t have an interest in something. I plan to explore all opportunities and see where they take me even if they don’t directly correlate to my work. I want to immerse myself into XP so that I can add value to my staff and customers and I need to be open minded as to what that entails.

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