Announcing the 2024 XP Fronts

Drum Roll, Please: Announcing the 2024 XP FRONTS

Many of you know that gathering people is in my heart and it’s in my soul.

From my sister’s 8th birthday party to our renowned Boeke Bowl Thanksgiving weekends. From my legendary college fêtes to iconic gatherings at my home. (Remember the “Snakes on a Plane” party?!) I mean, there’s one of us in every group — we are The Gatherers. We are The Social Chairs of our friend groups. The Ringleaders of our families. The Magic Makers vs. the people who get to just show up.

This is why I chose a career where I could carefully, thoughtfully craft gatherings. Where my team and I became the masterminds behind gatherings like the WIRED Store, the GQ Lounge, NYT Times Talks, the Oscars Greenroom, the Architectural Digest Design Show, the Teen Vogue Summit, the Fast Company Innovation Festival and activations at SXSW, Coachella, CES, and so many more.

And this is why I launched my consultancy five years ago and built a team of experiential architects who helped to build events like Vox’s Pivot MIA, The Aspen Institute’s Annual Awards Dinner and the Fashion Scholarship Fund Gala, among many others. We also helped steer the experiential creative and strategy for Shutterstock, Art Basel, Google, 72andSunny, YouTube, the Hollywood Reporter, the Wall Street Journal, and beyond.

We’ve been living the experiential life for decades. And, we’ve also found ourselves repeatedly asking, “Where are our experiential brethren (and sistren)? How do we connect with the best minds in the business whom we don’t already work with? Where are the tools we need to make our work better/faster/stronger? And, maybe most importantly, why has this kickass industry never truly been defined?”

Then, we decided to stop asking questions and start answering them ourselves.

As a first step, to begin defining and elevating the industry, we built XP Land as a community and content platform. Then we launched the XLIST, the 100 Most Visionary Creatives in Experiential. And, drum roll, please — this is the year we will gather The Gatherers. The Ringleaders. The Magic Makers.

This May, we will convene a meeting of the minds for the people who dream up, perfect, launch and house the world’s most incredible experiences. From immersive experiences to music and culinary festivals, from sports spectacles to metaverse fashion shows, every corner of the industry will be represented. Not to mention big experience makers and awesomely experiential brands.

Welcome to the XP FRONTS, the first-ever experiential upfronts, May 20-22, 2024 — in partnership with C2 Montréal.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re the kind of experiential leader we want to invite to the XP Fronts. And there’s an even better chance your brain is swirling with questions like…

Wait, what is it? Other industries (broadcast, digital, podcasts) gather annually to unveil their slates for the year, connect with new collaborators and make deals happen. But no industry is more calendar-driven than ours. So at the XP Fronts, we will unveil what’s new and what’s next in our booming industry, create an atmosphere where new collaborations can be explored and deals can be closed. And yes, you can bet there will be magic.

Who will be there? Experience makers and creatives; leaders from bold brands who do experiential really well; visionaries from venues, cool spaces and destinations; technologists debuting new tools that make our experiences even more creative; and a select group of VCs looking to invest in the space.

Why now? A recent report from Bank of America, “Funflation in Full Force,” confirms that live entertainment is booming and the current explosion of consumer spending on experiences is here to stay. The report also states that consumers are continuing to move away from goods and toward experiences. The experiential industry is only going to continue to grow and it’s about damn time we gather the gatherers to help shape the future of experiential.

How can I take part? Great question! So happy you asked — click here to:

  • Apply to attend
  • Submit an idea for an on-stage moment
  • Partner via an experiential moment, deal-making suite, experiential excursion or edible experience.
  • Debut something buzzy and new at our innovation lab, we’re calling Club NDA

As we always say, experiential is everything — the YOLO economy is booming, and we’re here for it. Now is the time to galvanize this incredibly creative community, find our next collaborators, see where XP creatives are going next and help shape the future. We can’t wait to have you along for the ride.

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